Centre for the innovation and developmento of education and technology



Education, society and life

We offer training activities to adults and senior citizens

  • On technological topics, but also social, cultural and human
  • Inside and outside of the classroom, through formal and non-formal methodologies
  • With the aim of learning, growing and enjoying
  • In physical spaces and also virtual (on-line)

Research, projects, training

We put technology and education together in order to make people and organisations grow.

  • Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation Projects of the European Union
  • Tailored-made learning environments
  • Design and development of training materials
  • Train of trainers, conferences, dissemination events

e-Learning platform

We created edueca as a platform for your educational and growth projects

  • Designed for adults, easy to use, colaborative and enjoyable
  • Agile and quick to manage and organise by the trainer
  • Capable to grow and innovate with your team or work colleagues
  • Adding value and knowledge to your organisation or company

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