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Erasmus+ KA1 Courses. Progresses in the use of technology in an education environment.



Development of informal learning. Activities for socio-cultural dynamization.



Assistance and collaboration for learning by means of technology. Design of learning environments.

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News Update

KA1 Erasmus+ Courses

From 10th to 14th of July of 2017 and from 9th to 13th of October of 2017, a KA1 Erasmus+ Course titled “Outside the box informal learning through technology” will be offered and two itineraries can be taken:

  • “Advanced developments in educational technology for adults”. It is specifically addressed to teachers whose purpose is to take advantage of ICT capacities and communication in the classroom.
  • “Schools that eLearn”. It is addressed to educational centres (teachers, staff, coordinators,etc.) that are willing to learn all together and also to create a virtual community that seeks for innovation, quality and growth.

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Learning in ICT, 2016/2017 Course

We offer courses on ICT to adults and seniors. The current course 2016/2017 presents the following subjects:

Practical lessons:

  • Smartphones and tablets: Take advantage of these electronic devices for accessing the Internet wherever you are, you can use and enjoy them anywhere!
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced level of Internet use. A wide range of application and Internet services will be presented such as the electronic mail, help assistance, the cloud, social networks, purchases, catalogs, culture, etc.
  • Text editing: In case you are interested in writing and publishing contents.
  • Creativity and collaboration within network: Tools for giving free rein to imagination, texts, images or videos through blogs, wikis or other platforms and virtual communities.

Theoretical lessons:

  • Online learning: Discover which have been the changes in learning since the uprising presence of the Internet.
  • Information and knowledge society: Society is changing but are we aware of it? We introduce to you the net, the media, identity, security and other aspects, among others. Nevertheless, it is presented from an actual, critical and constructive perspective.