New project KA2 Erasmus+ `Seniors@digiworld`: Connecting Seniors to the Digital World

We are pleased to present you the onset of a new project ''Seniors@digiworld'' coordinated by the Stiftung Digitale Chancen from Berlin. This project deals with the training and integration of adults and elderly in the digital world.  

Nowadays, computers and tablets can be used in an innovative and creative way for education and training if they are used appropriately. This can be carried out by taking care of the needs of the students and facilitating the appropriate transmission and acquisition of certain competencies and skills in both an inclusive and stimulating way.  

CIDET will be collaborating in each of the stages of the project, from the needs analysis to the implementation of the curriculum and the manual that will helped trainers in their lessons for adults. We would like to underline the development and design of an educational activity to be aplied in classes by the usage of tablets. This fact will tear down the barrier that determines the way some adults see a computer. In fact, CIDET will be the responsible to develop the manual to train the staff members in charge of the education in a non-formal environment and, in this way, to improve their digital skills. 

The knowledge acquired will be applied in educational events which will foster the use of new technologies and the Internet by means of the usage of tablets and providing active teaching. Therefore, adults and elderly will develop and improve in their digital skills and competencies. This will allow them to be part of society full of opportunities, facing any changes that might take place in the future in a positive and constructive way.

Here are the partners working on this project: 

  • Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Berlin
  • Asociacija "Viesieji interneto prieigos taskai", Vilnius
  • Centre for the Innovaiton and Development of Education and Technology, Castellón
  • Fundatia EOS - Educating for an Open Society Romania, Timisoara

You can visit the following website for more information about the project: