From the 10th to the 14th of July, and during the second week of October, we are offering two different KA1 courses dealing with the use of technology in education. These courses are organized in two itineraries from which you can chose the one you want to attend (A, B):

- A: Advanced development in educational technology for adults

- B: Schools that eLearn



We are offering a KA1 course in our institution this year 2017. This course is thought to be devoted to informal learning enhanced by technology. We welcome any institution, person, or group in charge of educational activities who want to improve their instructional knowledge regarding the use of technological tools.


The course will last five days, from Monday to Friday and will be composed by two different itineraries. Participants will have the right to choose the itinerary that fits better with their interests. However, both groups will be together on Monday and Friday when they will be presented with general topics that are needed to be explained in both of the itineraries, and, therefore, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, both groups will be separated to deal with the specific topics of the course they have chosen.


In order to deal with the content of the course, a two-way approach will be applied:

  • A technological perspective (Information and Communication technologies), where tools and internet services are presented for educational and learning purposes. We focus on pedagogies, educational activities, examples, ICT tools used for sharing, creating, etc. in adults and seniors for a non-formal and informal learning.

  • A humanistic perspective that facilitates the integration of the technologies under the umbrella of motivation, talent, and personal expectations of those people that are learning together, so we can promote a valuable, significant and constant learning.



Advanced developments in educational technology for adults

This particular course is mainly aimed at trainers, tutors and teachers of adult and senior students that wish to learn how to use technology in their courses and educational activities. If you are an ICT trainer but also a trainer of any other subject (as arts, history, economy, society, science…) this course will be useful for you to get the most of technology, apply to your subject while motivating your learners to keep learning from a useful, creative and enjoyable learning experience.

Schools that eLearn

This second itinerary that we offer is useful for managers, team leaders and staff of training institutions who want to use technology to facilitate the growth of their educational organization. This course is thought to convert your organization (a school, academy, training institution, innovative and agile teams) into an intelligent organization. The participants will get the necessary skills and resources (ICT tools) to facilitate teamwork, innovation and growth of the staff in the organizations.


This course will take place twice this year. The first KA1 course will be directed during the second week of July, from the 10th to the 14th, and the second week of October, from the 9th to the 13th. Have a look at the schedule we have planned for the KA1, both for itinerary A and B. 


  • Competence in the use of the computer and basic surfer skills: using mail, searching for information

  • At least intermediate level of English

  • A laptop

  • A good attitude for learning and a willingness for discovery


Pre-registration is possible to ensure a seat in the course. The maximum number of attendees is 15 people each course (during the common days, it could be 30)


350€ per person

  • 25% to be paid 2 months before the start of the course

  • 75% in the course.

The price includes:

  • Registration fee

  • Beverages and snacks for coffee breaks.

  • Materials (printed version of www.ed-way.eu book)

  • Access to our online platform (www.edueca.com)


Espaitec 1 building. Universitat Jaume I. Castellón



Once you made it to the train station of Castelló de la Plana, you will have two options to get to the Campus University.

  1. By tram: Just outside the train station there is a tram stop, next to the bus station. You can take the tram there, which goes directly to the campus (last stop) in no more than 7 minutes. The tram is 1,20€ per trip. Once you arrive at the campus, you will have to walk for 5/7 minutes in order to get to our building. Check the map provided below

  2. By taxi: Outside the train station there is also a taxi station. You can take a taxi there and give the next direction to the driver.

  • Av. de Vicent Sos Baynat S/N. Universitat Jaume I. Espaitec 1 building. Castellón