Technology Learning and Enjoyment - Workshop

Within the courses offered by CIDET, we have included a new intergenerational summer workshop aimed at people of all ages: children, teenagers, adults and elderly. 

As we know, technology is increasingly changing being more accessible and affordable day after day with amazing applications and possibilities never imagined before. Formerly, they were only within the scope of big enterprises owning great economic impact. Nowadays, however, we have technology in our hands. Therefore, we would like to learn and discover the latest advances inquisitive, useful and always interesting. This way, we want to show and let the youngest learn and understand new technologies and how they work. 

The dates of the workshop can be adapted according to the demands of each institution. Additionally, a room with enough space, tables, and chairs will be needed. 

How are we going to learn?

First, we will explain what technology is for, how it works and why it is so fascinating; what it can be used for, or how we can take advantage of it. (lasting 30 minutes)

We will divide 24 children into 3 groups. During the session, they will learn and play for 80 minutes in each of the thematic areas. 

Thematic areas

  • 3D printer and pencils 
  • Drones
  • Virtual reality 


Jornada de aprendizaje y disfrute de la tecnología from CIDET on Vimeo.