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Ponemos en común la tecnologia y la educación para que las personas y su organización puedan crecer



Management and cooperation in projects of educational innovation such as Erasmus+ KA2.



Organization of sessions and conferences, either scientific or informatives.



Research activities, innovation and evaluation as well as publications in journals.



Dissemination, exploitation, valorization, transference and networking.

Let’s cooperate in order to foster your project.

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Teach, share, learn

Edueca is a new on-line learning environemnt. If you are a trainer and you want to offer your courses or educational projects, and also if you are part of a growing and innovative team, you can use edueca free of cost.

We are still developing it, still if you wisth to try it, please contact us.

Project web-site:

Proyecto Erasmus+ KA2 Walk'n'Talk

The center for adult training in Lingen (Volkshochschule Lingen gGmbH) is the coordinator of this project that aims to develop a method for informal learning addressed to seniors, and learn while walking, fostering a social, mental and physical activity. This project will provide an online platform to potentiate learning among students and to train new professors and tutors, so they can become instructors of this method.

The duration of this project is from December 2016 to November 2018.

Proyecto Erasmus+ KA2 Senior@DigiWorld

Stiftung Digitale Chancen of Berlin coordinates this project which promotes the utilisation of tablets within seniors. A teacher’s manual and another for students will allow the acquisition of skills concerning the use of tablets, access to the Internet and communication, but the potential for developing will be the one that enables the integration and digital inclusion of seniors.

This project started developing in December of 2016 and will be finished by November of 2018.


Among CIDET main aims we can find the investigation, development and innovation of the current realisation of projects. We are also engaged on the dissemination of outcomes, hence our participation in conferences, congresses and publications in research journals.

Erasmus+ KA2 Ed-Way project

Ed-Way es a Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by CIDET and with the collaboration of other 3 instituciones: Dublin City University (Ireland), University of Erlangen Nürnberg Innovation in Learning Insitute (Erlangen-Nuremberg, Alemania), Center for the the European Integration (Pitesti, Rumania)

Project website:

Ed-Way news

Erasmus+ KA2 BeautifulMind project

BeautifulMind is a Erasmus+ KA2, coordinated by the Center of Business Synergy, from Poland

Project web-site:

BeautifulMind news